Metal Roze is the newest R&B group to step onto to the world stage. Introducing, Marcus Allen,
Adonis Edmond, and Dee Roze. As Singers, Producers, and Song Writers, they each bring a unique
sound that transcends traditional R&B. The project is being produced by 4x Grammy nominated
& Platinum Producer, Keyz Bridge, who has worked with top recording artists Coco Jones, Chris
Brown, H.E.R, Ty Dolla Sign, MoneyBagg Yo, and Bleu.
Their upcoming releases, are a mesmerizing blend of soul, rhythm, and harmonies, which will
undoubtedly find a place in the hearts of R&B fans all over the world. As they embark on this
exciting journey, Metal Roze is not just crafting melodies; they are redefining R&B. Get ready to
lose yourself in their music, as their harmonies envelop you in a world of love music, and
lyrical magic. Metal Roze – The essence of R&B is here!

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